Upload gif to facebook timeline

By Logan
If you are one of those Facebook users who have been asking how to upload gif to Facebook, this article is specifically written for your benefit. Once the GIF is previewed in the post, its URL can be removed. Memes have always taken centre-stage on Facebook, but the age of the GIF short animated images that play in a loop is upon us.
How can you create your own GIF. The latest smartphones are capable of quickly creating GIFs. The postwoman's son posted the photo to Twitter and people were stunned with how young the woman looked. You can use the search bar to type in a keyword to find GIFs that have a common theme, then just tap on one to add it to your post.

Facebook began officially allowing animated GIF files to appear in Timeline updates last year, but there is a specific method for posting them to your page.

Learn various methods to upload GIF to Facebook here. Naturally, then, we need to learn how to make two of our favourite things come together.