Photo interpretation definition

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First Known Use of photointerpretation. Translation and definition photo interpretation, Dictionary English-English online. As various quality control tests were conducted based on paired comparisons of image interpretation among photo interpreters, the photo-interpretation error is likely minimal.
Photo interpretation definition
Define photographic interpretation. Photointerpretation definition is - the science of identifying and describing objects in photographs. Learn More about photointerpretation.

Definition of photointerpretation - The practice or an act of interpreting photographs of the ground taken in the air or in space.

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In privileging the moment of photographic capture over the moment of photographic interpretation, the critical analysis of photographs has left seemingly invisible discourses of power undeveloped.

We are very pleased with our logo design. I want to use background image in my app. Analyse des photographies aeriennes permettant d'etablir les elements de base d'une carte.