Image in jquery dialog

By Admin
I'm calling the action method using ajax and want to show that image in dialog box. Hi, I want to add image instead of text in Jquery dialog box button. I also tried to prepend my image src to the button, no luck either. I tried replacing the button with my image, but it's not working as expected.

I want to show the image in jquery dialog box.

Image in jquery dialog
One note, however, is that we don't include an loading indication in this example, but that should be easy to add on your own. Hello I Have an image and onlick dialog appears. Something that will popup an image in an internal window. I have a jquery dialog box that opens by means of a link.

I would like it so that everytime I open the dialog box the image is refreshed. Once the image is selected, it replaces the existing one, then I use the jquery post method to update the image in the database. Background cute heart kawaii pink pictures. Image result for angel drawing.