Decorate 2 champagne flutes

By Carson
Check out each product page to see what Burke Decor recommends to complement your purchase. A spherical stem gives these champagne flutes a distinctive Baroque style. Unbranded Decorated Champagne Flutes. Burke Decor makes it easy to stock your home bar, give the perfect gift, and even buy extras all at once.

Unbranded Crystal Champagne Flutes.

Decorate 2 champagne flutes — 1
Two champagne flutes make cheers on red dark light bokeh background. Suitable for Wedding's day, Birthday present, Anniversary or just a romantic dinner.

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Each is finished with an elegant long stem and makes a striking. Two champagne flutes - download this royalty free Stock Photo in seconds. Design emphasizes a conceptual solution that fulfills the requirements, a reliable quality and an energy-efficiency.