2x2 folder icons repo

By Hershel
An application is also a folder in MacOS with extension app. Share the icon nor its edited version. We've noticed that you are using an ad blocker. This is a command line program tool with a normal common unix help.

Storing the Icon of the application Calculator in file Calculator.

2x2 folder icons repo
Set folder icons previously stores by this program or manually. View the latest Treasure Planet pictures. Added option that allow empty folder name.
Retrieving the image of a Boxer app bundle. It is unlikely that additional features will be added anytime soon. I wrote this tool for myself to make an feasable backups of my BoxerApp game bundle covers. Shows you how to do this if you read the code.
In setting you can choose how much of them you want to see. Window Door Castle Gate, his face was obscured. Now you can set your custom icons for iOS folders.