X-ray image of the urinary tract is called

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Retrograde urography can be done if a radiopaque contrast agent cannot be given for example, if kidney function is poor. Contrast medium is injected into a vein in the persons arm, travels through the body to the kidneys, and makes urine visible on the x-ray. The incidence of diseases or disorders of the urinary tract of children is high and the ultrasound examination is not always clear. Percutaneous antegrade urography.
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Doctors who specialize in problems of the organs and tubes that transport urine from the kidneys to outside the body are called urologists.

X-ray image of the urinary tract is called
Conventional x rays do involve some exposure to ionizing radiationradiation that is strong enough to damage some cells. What problems could require imaging of the urinary tract. An x ray can also show the size and shape of the prostate. Once the eggs are cold, blog, and during this time place the cursor where you want it to appear in the screenshot.