Jquery background image onload

By Salvador
In this article, will show you how to change background image on some period of time. I'm creating a new web and I would lik. That would probably be my preferred approach, but I normally include Modernizr anyway.

Working on the basis that digital photography is just a natural development of standard film photography should mean that it is an art form right.

Jquery background image onload — 2
If you want to make sure a script launches after all the images have been loaded, then use. The body also has a background image. It seems to work in Chrome, but fails in Inte. Has an onload event that I can call when the image has fully loaded. Given that some of my users may have a slow internet connection, I want to delay the animation until the background image has loaded.

So here is the tutorial to apply this kind of effect to your web project.

Jquery background image onload
However, as the text that fades in is white, it requires the background image to be loaded already before this happens.