Golden proportion in smile design

By Renea
The adjacent diagram shows such a grid in the mouth with the front teeth clearly shown in the demarcations predicted. Keeping the relative lengths of the teeth consistent with the height of the patient is recommended. Photoshop, Keynote and Aesthetic Digital Smile Design included the largest number of esthetic analysis parameters. The Golden Section Divider and the grids allow you to discover in a few seconds.
Bruce Malone Studio updated their cover photo. Over the years, we have gained considerable expertise in design and installation of water based fire protection systems. The end of the smile and the dominant corner of the arch, predicting both positions. Note also that the grid lines up with the corner of the mouth. In a perfect smile, the front two incisor teeth form a golden rectangle, with a phi ratio in the height to the width.

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Golden proportion in smile design
The ratio of the width of the first tooth to the second tooth from the center is also phi. A proportional smile design theory has recently been developed that may have a more universal application.