Ios icon generator v.1.3

By Rosalia
Browse image or drag and drop it here. As a developer for the Apple platform, you frequently have to create application icons of various sizes. Features Drag your app icon image into the drop zone.
Ios icon generator v.1.3 — 1
Co is a cloud service to resize your app icon to all platform resolutions with great speed. Left photo, desiner Rhonda Vandiver White. Easy Customization and editing.
Ios icon generator v.1.3
We have awesome designs for you to pick from. Unlimited opportunities for customizing. You just need to edit the largest size and all the smaller sizes generates automatically. App Icon Generator allows you to generate your app icons in milliseconds for iOS, watchOS and macOS with just a drag, a drop and a click. Personally, this is something I hate doing.
Ios icon generator v.1.3 — 2
With a set cake decoration tool, suit for small nozzles and medium nozzles, don't suit for big nozzles. App Icon Creator with Flat Shadow Generator. The place to find beautiful images to illustrate your world, ios icon generator v.1.3.