Jquery mobile listview divider icon

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I've come up with a plugin that adds functionality for list-dividers that basically mimic's a link button icon. Advanced list view component with gesture, swipe and drag drop support. Listview for jQuery and jQuery Mobile. Anyone know the best way to add an icon to a list-divider.

To adjust the split button icon, add the data-split-icon attribute to the listview.

Jquery mobile listview divider icon
Listviews can also be used to display a non-interactive list of items, usually as an inset list. Description of Video to Image Convertor from google play. The dividers organize larger sets of listitems into smaller groups making it easier for the user to view the desired information. Add data-role list-divider atrribute to any list item to divide into a group of list items.

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The listview widget in the jQuery Mobile jQM library allows for divider listitems which can be inserted manually or for sorted lists even be created automatically by the library. Inter Milan Pictures and Images. To create a list, apply the data-rolelistview to the or element.
Taking a look at the code, icons are only added to links automatically. Our organization is indulged in offering Decorative Roof Tiles to our clients. For the example I will use a longish list of names with autodividers enabled. To create a list using jQuery Mobile ListView, specify the data-rolelistview in a or element.