Bin laden photo death

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First, Osama was visually identified at the compound by. A photo reportedly showing a dead Osama bin Laden is already making its way around the Internet. It is thought to have originally been distributed by Pakistani media.

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Which show a gunshot wound to the side of his head. The White House has decided not to release pictures of Bin Laden's corpse, it was announced tonight. Next, one of his wives, who survived the raid, identified him by name. A photo released purporting to show Osama bin Ladens body is reported to be a fake.
After bin Laden was finally killed by. Several rounds of identification were used to confirm Osama bin Ladens death the photo of Osamas battered face below wasnt one of them. Newborn Photography Studio Central Louisiana.

Three sets of photos taken - during raid, at Afghanistan airbase and at sea.

Bin laden photo death
CIA Director Leon Panetta said this evening he believes the photos documenting Osama bin Laden's death should and will be released, but both the CIA and White House say a decision has not been made. But pranksters quickly filled the void, turning out digitally fabricated pictures purporting to show what the view. Image of bloodied man picked up by British newspapers has been circulating online for two years. We then start with the point on the left and sketch a right triangle, bin laden photo death, so we can count the rise and run. Taliban demands to see proof of Al Qaeda leader's death.