Get rgb value from image java

By Ula
I have Red, Green, nd Blue color's pixel of image. I search for some article on how to do it and most of them start with loading the image and extract the rgb value. In order to get the individual RGB color values from a pixel in a BufferedImage, you will have to use the getRGBint x, int y method where x y are the location of the pixel within the Image. I'm attempting to work out the area of a greyscale image, I'm aware that I could use getRGB if it was a buffered image, but i'm using a toolkit so it is therefore a int image.
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How to plot histogram using RGB pixel value. Does anyone know some alternatives solutions.

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Get rgb value from image java
We find that there always exists some RGB accuracy problems whlie getting RGB from a jpeg file using bufferedImage in JavaImageIO. Large photo gallery featuring Heer Ranjha.

We generally denote these four components as A for Alpha, R for Red, G for Green and B for Blue.

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Im trying to get RGB value from a grayscale image and it was return wrong. The best part from Geometric Tattoo Designs Fractal Flower Geometric Tattoo Sleeve Designs is you can get this image for free. Open share this gif bette davis, azul y fucsia by Wildchild, obsolete or having wrong description, Indonesia! How to get rgb pixel value from R, , value in java for a BufferedImage. I just want to ask how I can get the pixel value.