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The bobcat might have been scared by his presence, since it scampered off toward the woods and let go of its find. Despite what some people say Wikipedia is a reliable, high quality source because they have careful rules and they always reference sources. Who says cats don't like water. Airsofteur et photographe amateur.
The task of creating a logo which would primarily be used to mark station entrances was set a year before the opening. Adult Florida Bobcat Photograph by Anne Rodkin. The photographer said he noticed the bobcat staring at a shark in the water that was feeding on a smaller fish. Giovanni Battista Langetti painting history Cato. Florida Bobcat The Bobcat Lynx rufus floridanus is a.

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My neighbor sighted a cat bigger than a bobcat yet slightly smaller than a panther with tufted ears. More Photos Of Todd Alexander Cohen. The image was taken at Sebastian Inlet State Park near Vero Beach, Florida, by John Bailey.

Perhaps the major source of information on the so called Florida bobcat is Wikipedia en.

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A bobcat was snapped hauling a shark along a Florida beach in an unbelievable photograph. Used under a creative commons license, click image for details, florida bobcat pictures. Initially, it was pretty quick, Bailey said. Bailey told the television station that the bobcat collected the shark after entering the water. The photo of a bobcat walking along the beach with a shark in its mouth is as astounding to see as it is to believe.