Best chicago tattoo artists 2013

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We decided to create our own list and without further wait, we present you with the best tattoo artists in Chicago. If you have a favorite artist or shop to share, show them some love in the comments so we and our readers can check them out. It really depends on the style you're looking for.

Getting High On The Job Funny Image.

Best chicago tattoo artists 2013 — 1
Just go to shop, look at the artist portfolios and you decide. Tom Woodthrough the act of photography. Chicago Reader has named them best tattoo shop in their reader poll many times and they were featured on Playboy.

Some are better at portraits, Polynesian, American Traditional, etc.

Best chicago tattoo artists 2013
It comes with various filters to enhance images in JPG and BMP formats. Yet, even with this wealth of talent, we were only able to find a few reads on the best shops. We found some of the best artists and shops around simply by asking friends and even strangers where their outstanding sleeve, chest piece or other work was done.