Photo not added to photostream

By Annalisa
To delete photos from photo page, open the photo which you want to delete. Drag the photos you want to delete into the workspace and select Delete. Be aware, Flickr has no recycle bin, deleting means deleting.

Select the photos you want to add to My Photo Stream, then click Open.

Photo not added to photostream
The only place on Flickr where your photos exist is your photostream. Free flower logo template featuring simple and smart appearance. The mix of tannic river water and clear cave water, mask PNG clipart.
Photo not added to photostream
If you want to delete photos from Photostream, then go to your Photostream and click 'Edit' tab located above the photos. These gorgeous acrylic photo print panel.

Albums don't contain actual photos and when you add a photo to an album, you are not creating a copy.

Is there a way to simply add files to the folder on disk and have them sync, or is there an api for the cloudpanel. This doesn't seem to happen anymore, I can only add photos therough the control panel.