Rc airplane design parameters

By Isabel
Basics Aircraft Maintenance Reserve. Giant database of foamie plans. Sites Offering Free RC Airplane Plans.

When it comes to scale airplanes, CAD allows you to duplicate any airplane there is.

Rc airplane design parameters
Each calculated parameter can be reviewed in the image below to better understand where the dimensions are measured from. Design procedure for building RC aircraft.

I then simplifed and added modern hardware to the design.

Rc airplane design parameters
Com How do I go about designing a new model airplane. Airplane Design Calculator Use this airplane design calculator to help determine specific dimensions of your design.
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I know I have a list of to build scale models, and I seriously doubt, if I will live long enough to complete it. Today I celebrate three years of marriage with the love of my life, and the truth of the matter is my paintings are not ready to be released. To use the calculator simply select the type of airframe that you are building.