Default windows application icon

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How to change wpf application default icon in control panel. Its surprising that Windows doesnt have a built-in option to allow users set custom icons for file types. Myp displays the Windows default icon.

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Change default icon creating a new Android Eclipse project. For instance, I have a button that the user clicks on to select a file, it would be nice if I could use. How to change the Windows Application's default icon with other one in C desktop application. I need to set application icont.

How to change wpf application default icon in control panel I am working on a wpf application.

Default windows application icon
What is the right way of doing it. I am trying to change it in Setup Project but it is not. Txt extension is a registered file type that has a custom default icon.

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In the right-pane, note down the value data for Progid. Change Icon for a File Type Using Registry Editor. I'm a web developer but I don't really use image manipulation software much as most of the images are provided by designers so the Gimp tool is very unfamiliar to me, default windows application icon. Huge storage of freebie Biological Hazard icons from CannyPic. But simply browsing for other icons from the project property tab - Application - Icon, it is not getting the icons stored on the desktop.