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By Camelia
The tongue of Sati is represented by Holy Flame or Jawala that is perpetually burning. JwalaJi has different names, such as - Jawala Ji, Jwala Devi and Jwala mukhi Ji. Hindu Temple, Religious Center, Religious Organization.
Various body parts of Sati fell at fifty-one different places in India that later became sacred as Shakti Peeths. Sati's tongue is believed to have fallen at the very place where Jawalaji Temple is now situated.

The manifestation of Jwala Ji is always resembled as a set of eternal flames and the term Jwala means flame in Sanskrit.

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Checkout our most popular plan. Jawala Ji is a great heritage centre for not only the people of Jawala Mukhi, Kangra or Himachal Pradesh but of the whole world. During March to April and September to October every year colourful fairs are held during the Navaratra celebration. Saare Bolo Jai Mata Di Punjabi Devi Bhajan By.