21st century art photography

By Gerard
Each member would design a geographical area of their choosing, and we'd all pitch in to build it. The digital revolution of the new millennium has brought on both never-before-seen capabilities and a new ubiquity of the photographed image, developments artists have eagerly explored and exploited. This trans-disciplinary conference aims to explore a series of themes that emerge from the understanding of contemporary photography.
Over the past decade, art has taken an incredible variety of forms. Really fucking around with ultra saturation, gonna clean up this gouache study but kinda like this stage.

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21st century art photography
Com is your daily dose of interesting and art history stories told in the most compelling way. What Does Matrix Have to Do with Lace. Anyone who paints could apply, without any age or geographical limits. The Traveling Trunk is a Denver, Colorado-based photo booth provider that adds fun to any event.

We put together this tongue-in-cheek travelogue demo and presented it to venture capitalists in NYC, who were, I suppose predictably, baffled.

21st century art photography
DC Comic Batman Dripping Graffiti Logo, art photography, Pictures. Modern Artists Painters XXI st Century. Many key artists are returning to this medium after an era dominated by digital media. Website design by blast digital. Book tickets and register here.